USO Technologies provides IT consulting and develops cutting edge cloud software to meet the needs of its client companies.

USO also has relationships with an elite group of entrepreneurial technology development companies to better respond to customer needs.

USO Technologies provides a broad array of technologies and personnel to address existing technology needs for companies. They also provide digital products that assist in growing and managing business resources.

These services include:

  • Cloud based products
  • Software development services
  • Technology design services
  • Software "White Label" licensing branding

USO's 24-7 Monitoring and Alert System

One of the most recent software products developed by USO is it's 24-7 Monitoring and Alert system.

This system is a combination of Cloud based server software and hardware sensors.  We are using RFID tags and readers to monitor: Temperature, Humidity, Light, Motion, Battery capacity, Last status time stamp and Signal strength.

USO 24-7 Benefits

  • Branded landing page for each customer
  • Analytics retention in data base
  • Customer managed alerts
  • Multiple levels of alerts
  • Well reports with customer set frequency
  • Flexible reporting, customer driven

The initial markets for this product are:

  • Computer Server Rooms
  • PBX Installations
  • Pharmacy Refrigerators
  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Large Capacity Food Freezers/Refrigerators
  • Music Stores
  • Museums
  • Chemical Storage Facilities
  • Building Facility Monitoring

These units are monitored 24-7 and any change to the ranges specified by the customer will automatically be sent via text or email as specified by the customer.

This product will go to market under the USO label, but it can be white labeled to other companies that want a branded product.

Another recent development for a customer was done as a demo for an Airport project that interfaced with:

  • Gates
  • Plane schedules
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) units controlling or monitoring, electricity, AC status, movement, alerts and alarms, etc.

Other cloud based software developments include: pharmaceutical projects, collaboration systems, time keeping and accounting / tracking systems.

For an assessment of your technology needs and a proposal, contact USO at 817-821-0972 or email